Artist and entrepreneur, Adoni Astrinakis’s work has been described as a powerful expression of simplicity. A high impact punch, intersecting with classical sophistication.

Working in realist expressionism and appropriation art, Adoni uses a freehand approach to his practice, avoiding all use of projectors and other technological aids. The resulting portraiture is a deeply personal interpretation of subject, composition and scale. Adoni is represented in New York and his works are distributed internationally to all corners of the globe.

Based in Melbourne, Australia and raised in Hobart, Tasmania, Adoni is self taught and practices from his South Yarra studio.

With a focus on dimensionality and visual presence, Adoni’s work seems to pop off the canvas, breathing palpable life into the subject that seems to break the physical boundaries of a two dimensional painting.

Finding a way to make the intangible feel tangible, the power of one’s presence is the central focus of Adoni’s work and he seeks to elicit that essence, enabling it to resonate from the canvas and echo in the imagination and spirit of the viewer.