“Your guest’s should want to pull it off the wall and take it home with them.” 

–       Adoni 

Born and raised in Tasmania, Australia, Adoni Astrinakis fell serendipitously into a professional career in fine art. His self-taught works began as a pastime, but his passion soon escalated into a full-time practice as he began to receive increasing demand and acclaim. 

 Adoni and his artwork titled JESSIE’S GIRL recently featured prominently on Channel 9’s hit TV show THE BLOCK. He has been named a finalist in both The Shirley Hannan National Portrait Prize and The Lester Prize for Portraiture. He has exhibited in National galleries around Australia, and internationally in The Hamptons, New York where he is represented. His work has been showcased in a myriad of media including magazines, newspapers, television and online. He has collaborated with renowned personalities such as Susan Blond, who was Michael Jackson’s publicist during the ‘Thriller’ years and an associate of Andy Warhol, and continues to add depth to his artistic repertoire and network.

Working in realist expressionism, Adoni uses a freehand approach to his practice, avoiding all use of projectors and other technological aids. The resulting artworks are a deeply personal interpretation of subject, composition, scale and tone. His work has been described as a powerful expression of simplicity, high impact, and intersecting with both classical portraiture and modern aesthetics.

“My work often defines the room and everything around it. It’s the centrepiece. I’ve seen countless examples where rooms have been beautifully styled, but feel incomplete. Then, all the hard work is finally realised once the artwork goes in. That’s when everything comes together. A stand-out piece of art really is the icing on the cake for styling.”

–       Adoni

Adoni’s signature style features a central figure against an empty background, allowing the subject to appear striking, expressive and enchanting. He uses both large and small brushes, sometimes leaving expressive marks on the canvas, and at other times removing evidence of the artist’s hand altogether. The combination creates a unique depth and emotion in his work.

“I love that everyone I speak to has a different ‘favourite’ from my collection. I’m always trying to outdo the last one. The goal is to create work that is timeless, I think it’s possible.”

–       Adoni

Adoni’s mission is to inspire, and to transform spaces through his art. He firmly believes that a standout piece can elevate the aesthetics of any setting and create a memorable and lasting impact. His artistry invites viewers to embrace the beauty of what lays before them while discovering something new in his works each day, enriching their connection to the artwork over time.

As he continues to evolve as an artist, Adoni remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of his craft. Through collaborations, exhibitions, and artistic endeavours, he aspires to leave an enduring artistic legacy that resonates with art enthusiasts around the world.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Adoni currently practices from his South Yarra studio.

Adoni is represented in New York and his works are distributed internationally to all corners of the globe.